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vintage_pix's Journal

Pictures from the past
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for posting images from the past, including photos and print material. Pictures of your ancestors, something you found at a yard sale, interesting old advertising art, or even something you found on the Internet are all fine choices.

The following rules apply:

1. Images should ideally be over 50 years old. Occasional deviations are ok. For example, it would be apppropriate to honor a great photographer recently deceased.

2. Please be considerate and put all photos wider than 600 pixels behind an LJ-cut. If you have more than one picture, please put only one before the lj-cut.

2. Do not post any copyrighted material without attribution. All sources should be credited. If you pick it up off the Internet, include the URL where you found it. If you own it, say so. Pictures which are not credited will be assumed to be plagiarized and deleted.

3. No porn. There are plenty of other communities that welcome this; this community is intended to be a family friendly alternative. Nudity is not de facto porn, but please place a warning in the cut. Interestingly, the older nudity is, the more stylized, and so the less offensive. So please decide if your image is charming or just nudity.

4. Pictures with disturbing content, like battle scenes, should be posted behind a cut with an appropriate warning. We're not all up to that in the mornings.

Play nice and have fun. Flame wars, drama queens and trolls are not welcome here.