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Building a carriage

This comes from a catalog I have. The cover says "G.&D.Cook & Co's. Illustrated Catalogue of Carriages and Special Business Advertiser New Haven, Ct". The date inside is 1860. Unfortunately, there's no picture of a Landau carriage like the one in xenon_zircon_23's earlier post - they may have been too sophisticated for the New Haven market that early. More about landaus here.

There are some great ads in this catalog - I'll try and post more as soon as I get my scanner running again, if anyone's interested.

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Hi All,

It seems I need you advice. Our company has recently released a new version of a software tool for annotating digital photos, and especially old family photos. I would like to ask you, genealogists, family historians, and vintage photos collectors, if you think such tool could be valuable for you (I believe, it could) . Your feedback will help us improve the product (btw, it’s free) and add new features that you might want.

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More family

Here are some of the sibling pictured previously all grown up. In the back are Ellen Jane, Frank, Palmer, my Nee Nee (Phyllis),  and in front are Caroline and Rosemary. From some other photos taken this same day, it looks like Nee Nee was probably pregnant with my uncle Gary, who was born in the fall of 1948, so it was around that time.
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My Nee Nee's family

This is a bad scan of a not great reproduction of an old, not very well taken photo. Apologies.

This is my Nee Nee's family. It was taken between 1934 and 1936 sometime, because my great aunt Caroline isn't pictured yet, but Rosemary is. The woman is my great-grandmother, Isabell. She is holding Rosemary. Ellen Jane and my Nee Nee (Phyllis) are standing in front of her. Then are Frank, Plamer, and John R.
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Yellowstone Park

"Boudoir Views"

I have a pile of these. This one is my favorite. Behind the cut is one more and a scan of the back of the cards. You can click on the picture, then click again to get the huge version - the detail on these old photos is amazing. They look fuzzy here because I'm having some trouble figuring out how Scrapbook sizes pictures.

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More grandparents getting hitched

The grandparents in this photo were my mother's parents. These are my father's parents, leaving their wedding reception in a friend's car. I am not very close to them (oh what a lengthy tale there) so I am not sure when they married, but it was the late 40's after the war. My dad looked a lot like my grandmother when she was young, so that kind of weirds me out when I look at the photo.